Each nation has its own culture.

Each country is proud of its history.

Each person wants to tell about its country, its culture and art to other person.

Our competition gives you this opportunity!

Tell about your country, its architecture, painting, music, dance, monuments and beautiful places. Tell also about the people who live in your beautiful country. The competition is held under the auspices of the Institute of Architecture and Design of the Siberian Federal University and so we are very interested in the architecture of your country.
Dear friends, we look forward to your work

International Children's Art Competition


Entry Rules and Conditions:

Children between the age of 6 and 17 years.
1)   Paintings must be done on A4 OR A3 papers.
2)  Full name, age (day, month, and year), gender and full
address including phone and e-mail (in English) must be
on the back of the painting.
3)   Style of painting is free: crayons, coloured pencils,
watercolours, etc.
4)  Paintings that have been shown or accepted elsewhere
will not be accepted in this competition.
5)   Paintings that show a particular person, an organization or
a brand name will not be accepted.
6)  Do not include any words or descriptions in the paintings.
7)   Only original copies are acceptable. Copies, xerox copies or electronic copies will not be eligible for assessment. 
8)  You can submit more than one entry.

Launch date 15 September 2016
Closing date Маrch 2017

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